Sign writing, Painting and Decorating – Training and Course Overview

Sign writing, Painting and Decorating - Training and Course Overview

The sign writing, painting and decorating qualification is aimed at beginners aged 16 years and above who wish to work in the construction industry and gain expertise particularly, in the area of painting and decorating. In this course, students learn both practical and theoretical aspects of sign writing and painting and decorating techniques enabling to complete apprenticeship and achieve trade accreditation. Through this qualification the student progresses onto developing skills in his or her chosen construction trade and work hard towards becoming a master craftsman.

The course develops students’ skills in wall papering, painting, marbling, wood graining, spray painting, and stenciling too.

Course Objective

This is a theory and a practical based course designed for those individuals desiring to embark into Painting and Decorating, Sign writing and Interior Design.


In order to enroll for this course, applicants must be currently employed as a trainee or an apprentice in the Painting and Decorating industry. They are required to have an authentic contract of training as proof. Most of the times entry for applicants is based on competency and basic practical tasks. Candidates may also be asked to complete a piece of writing task or a vocational assessment.

If applicants meet the entry requirements they will then be offered an interview and a tutor discussing the course.

Course Syllabus

The sign writing, painting and decorating course is an ideal start for those individuals wishing to gain employment in the decorating industry, either through an apprenticeship with a company or by starting up their own business. The courses covered in this program have an emphasis placed on practical skill development though workshops. Typically, the painting and decorating course workshops are expertly designed and set up to simulate real construction industry conditions and work environment.

Students are taught about measuring and pricing work, applying undercoats, substrates, surface preparation, and different types of paint and wallpaper settings. Moreover, the course also proposes a start-up module of a marketing plan through which students gain the basic idea of successfully launching their own business in the competitive market.

Some of the practical and theory subjects covered within this course are as follows:

  • Application of Paints, Brush, Roller
  • Paperhanging to Ceiling and walls
  • Basic Decoration Effects
  • Efficient working practices
  • Scaffolding
  • Preparation Services
  • Relevant Key Skills in Literacy and Numeracy
  • Health and Safety
  • Protecting/masking services and storage of materials

The course is taught through a commixture of theory and practical sessions in effective, fully-equipped workshops and classroom environments. Qualifying graduates of the sign painting, painting and decorating course stand employment opportunities as Painter and Decorator, Sign Writer, and Visual Merchandiser in the industry.