Fashion and Footwear Designing – Training and Course Overview

Fashion and Footwear Designing - Training and Course Overview

Fashion and footwear courses are equipped to help the students with the right skills and knowledge so that they can exercise their confidence to work in vibrant and versatile industrial fields. The amalgamation of these two sectors covers the ultimate ideas, designs, and manufacturing of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel fanned across market sectors such as casual, sports, tailored, formal, and bridal wear. The courses proposed under the field of footwear widely include design and production, first-hand transferred skills and knowledge of footwear, bags, and other leather products and accessories.

This is a degree certification course that prepares a student to become a successful business representative or entrepreneur in product designing, fashion footwear developing and make a successful career in the enticing and ever-growing field of fashion footwear.

The course prepares the students to make a career in textiles, knitwear designing, and footwear and accessories markets, as well as in common fashion design fields. The course is specifically manifested to enhance the specific custom-made fashion footwear business producing sect and permit the students to be autonomous and confidently skilled in ideation, research, creating, designing and production of fashion footwear models and products.

Course Objective

The fashion and footwear course is designed at preparing students for a successful career as a stylist or product designer.


Entry into this intensive course is extremely competitive. Applicants are required to already possess or achieve awareness and relevant experience of fashion. Appropriate knowledge and skills, including the ability to design fashion footwear, as well as a strong commitment and motivation towards a career in the fashion industry is what the course seeks to recruit students for.

Career Prospects

Graduates have the opportunity to work in the fashion and footwear design industries as product developers, buyers, designers, sample makers, fashion retailers, pattern makers, and managers.

Several firms also look out for professionals who have the ability to unite technical skills and style in footwear design and marketing. Also, professionals such as, production assistants, CAD operators, managers or stylists in this industry have the opportunity to work for exhibitions and tanneries, or on live freelance projects that takes place in collaboration with a brand industry.