Web Designing and Multimedia – Training and Course Overview

Web Designing and Multimedia - Training and Course Overview

Web designing and multimedia has become a part of our daily lives. It is a very exciting career choice schooling individuals to combine art, technology, creativity, and imagination to communicate ideas virtually.

The web designing and multimedia course comprises a wide range of other career-oriented courses including Web Design and Development Program (WDP), Graphic and Web Design (GWD), Multimedia Design Program (MDP), and Design and Publishing Program (DPP) that help students create engaging and attractive websites with interactive navigation and web pages. The course also covers technical skills of graphic art, web programming languages, web standards, digital and interactive designing, web designing, and usability.

The course is conducted by well-trained web designing professionals who guide students with core techniques in web designing and multimedia and everything required in learning media work such as 2D or 3D animations, special effects, designing, audio or video editing, and animation.

Course Objective

The main aim of this course is to equip students with appropriate technical knowledge on visual communications and web designing. While focusing on modern-day dynamic and interactive media, this program is a window to design principles and multimedia concepts in web designing and multimedia.


Students who wish to join the web designing and multimedia course and learn various other programs offered within this program must hold an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts (BFA)/ Science/ Commerce, with a basic qualification as 10+2 pass class. In addition to these qualifications, it will be easier for students to study this course if they already have basic background knowledge about graphic software and computer web designing such as Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Illustrator.

Students planning on joining this course should have an imaginative and creative bend of mind and a genuine interest in learning and pursuing web designing and graphics as a career.

Course Duration

Typically, the duration of a full-time web designing and multimedia course is approximately one year, and a part-time course extends to around two years (24 months).

Course Syllabus

This program deals with both technical and creative aspects of digital interactive media. It is a course that is well-rounded through a creative blend of collaborative, challenging, and project-based problem solving and learning courses. With a variety of course topics, students mainly focus on the creativity in digital communication and gain a practical and theoretical understanding of how web design techniques, computer graphics, and interactive media can enhance in digital creativity.

Career Prospects

On successfully completing this course, graduates have a variety of choices and career options in the web designing industry. They are qualified to work as graphic designer, interactive designer, freelance designer, web design instructor, web site developer, content designer, visual artist, multimedia developer, digital innovation coordinator, web programmer, multimedia designer, and much more.

The web designing and multimedia course is a vast field that is in great demand across the globe. Talented web-designers and well-trained professionals earn a very high salary once they gain experience and learn the tools and tricks of this industry.