How to Learn VFX – Training and Course Overview

VFX - Training and Course Overview

Visual effects are an inseparable part of the visual media industry in today’s world. Mainly used to create characters and on-screen environment in films, VFX produces realistic environments and effects that are difficult to create in real life.  This course will help students to know, learn and understand the process of creating visual effects. Students will learn to create sophisticated visual effects and interesting aspects in their projects or short films using appropriate VFX techniques and software programs.

During the course, students will also gain opportunities to create, imagine, and visualize basic VFX shots, as well as learn and utilize some advanced VFX techniques, S3D: 3D Stereoscopic Filmmaking methods, VFX compositing and VFX Pro learning lessons – all under the guidance of well-trained professionals and industry experts. Starting from pre-visualization to post production, VFX comprises a wide range of career-oriented courses covering basics to advanced levels. The curriculum will help the student to enhance his/her skills suiting industry scenario and emerge as professionals to become job-ready in a short duration of time.

Course Objective

The VFX course is designed to create professionals out of students in the VFX industry. The VFX introductory course and various VFX compositing and advanced career courses within this field specializes in the creation of training material for students inclined to build their careers in visual effects. The course is also for those artists seeking to improve their skills on a particular technique or application in visual effects.


The basic VFX course is an open enrollment and does not follow any specific entry requirements besides the minimum eligibility of higher secondary education. Students interested in this course should have the inclination and basic understanding about VFX to begin with.

Course Syllabus

The various mentored courses under the VFX stream are delivered to help those who are interested and willing to join the visual effects industry in order to learn VFX production or upgrade their existing knowledge through the ADVFX course or Arena Animation International Program VFX (AAIP – VFX) course.

This course offers participants an overview of the different types of digital effects and techniques used to create high-end visual effects for films and television media. Students will have an understanding of the node and layers based VFX compositing practices, film effects history, and learn VFX production skills in a studio-like environment from professionals and certified trainers.

VFX viz interactive sessions will be an added advantage for students engaged in this industry.

Career Prospects

On successfully completing the course, graduates will find job placements in the media industry as professionals who could join an animation studio, graphic design company, film studio, or a gaming studio. Graduates of a basic VFX course can expect entry-level jobs as a junior artist such as 3D Tracker, Roto Prep Artist, Render Wrangler, or 3D Environment Artist within the visual effects industry. While those who have completed ADVFX or any advanced VFX compositing course can work in the industry as a stereoscopy artist, video editor, FX artist, VFX generalist, motion graphics artist, and Pre – Viz artist.