Performance Management – Training and Course Overview

Performance Management - Training and Course Overview

A course in performance management aims at developing the necessary skills and knowledge required for identifying, developing, and measuring the performance of people and teams in organizations and ensuring that their efforts are in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization. Performance management systems are crucial tools for transforming the talent and capabilities of people in an organization into a vital organizational advantage. Performance management courses are ideal for people who are working at managerial or supervisory positions in organizations.

Course Objective

Upon successful completion of a course in performance management, a candidate will be able to design effective performance management systems that deal with setting goals, training and feedback, employee development, measurement of performance, and performance appraisals.


There are as such no stringent qualifying requirements for students to pursue a course in performance management, be it at the undergraduate or the graduate level. There are many universities offering short-term courses in performance management wherein the main qualifying criterion is prior work experience in a related field.

Course Duration

The course duration of the undergraduate performance management course ranges from one year to three years depending upon the institute. The duration of a graduate course in performance management is generally not more than two years. In addition, there are many short courses and workshops on performance management that have a duration of just a few days.

Course Syllabus

The syllabus of a performance management course mainly revolves around aspects such as teamwork, leadership, developing others, interpersonal skills, and self development. The various subjects include functions of performance management, meaning of performance, management theories and movements, JTR analysis, selecting a method of job analysis, influences on performance management, setting objectives, objective setting and goal achievement, management by objectives, conducting performance reviews, balanced scorecard, gathering performance information, performance management process, managing team performance, performance management skills, and measurement of results and behaviors.

Career Prospects

Courses in performance management aim at developing candidates from the field of HR and training them into learning consultants within their respective intellectual and practical setting. Candidates, after successfully completing a course in performance management, can effectively assume leadership and supervisory roles in organizations.