Growing Construction & Infrastructure Industry Accelerating The Global Ceramic Inks Market

According to a recently published report, the global Ceramic Inks Market has been expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5 % during the forecasted period of 2016-2022 and also it has been expected to generate a revenue of around $2.07 billion by 2022.The segmentation of global ceramic inks market is technology, applications and geography. The report on global ceramic inks market forecast 2016-2022 (technology, applications and geography) provides detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.

Full report is available on global ceramic inks market forecast 2016-2022 (technology, applications and geography)report at

Growing construction & infrastructure industry is the major factor driving the global ceramic inks market. According to a research, fuelled by globalization, urbanization, infrastructure renewal and the escalating needs of developing megacities, construction industry in emerging economies has been expected to grow by two folds within a decade and will become a $6.7 trillion market by 2020, and also it will account for more than 55 % of global construction output. According to the same report, there will be an increase in the infrastructure spending in developed regions also and the market will grow by 36% i.e. $5.4 trillion market by 2020.

Recently, there has been rise in the infrastructural investments in the developing economies of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Latin America, which in turn will foster the demand of ceramic inks globally. In addition, rising applications of ceramic inks in glass printing and tile printing in construction will further drive the global ceramics inks market. Furthermore, rising construction opportunities in Latin America and MENA, the ceramic inks market in the region has been anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR.

However, limited scope for penetration in saturated markets like Europe, developing new application areas for ceramic inks and high costs involved in print setup and sample printing of ceramic inks using analog printing technology are few restraints and challenges that are expected to hamper the market potential of global ceramics market. Nevertheless, increasing technological advancement in the construction and infrastructure industry, paradigm shift towards replacing paints, metal slabs, marble floor & other products and availability of wide variety of color gamut will create huge growth opportunities for the global ceramics inks market.

Scope of the report

  1. Global Ceramic Inks MarketBy Technology 2012 – 2022 ($ million)
    1.1. Analog Printing
    1.2. Digital Printing

Full report is available on global ceramic inks market forecast 2016-2022 (technology, applications and geography)report at

  1. Global Ceramic Inks MarketBy Application 2012 – 2022 ($ million)
    2.1. Ceramic Tiles
    2.2. Glass Printing
    2.3. Food Containers
    2.4. Others
  2. Global Ceramic Inks MarketRegional Outlook 2012-2022($million)
    3.1. North America
    3.2. Europe
    3.3. Asia Pacific
    3.4. Middle East & Africa
    3.5. Central & South America
  3. Company Profiles
    4.1. Arrow Systems Inc.
    4.2. Chimigraf Ibérica S.L.
    4.3. Colorobbia Espana S.A.
    4.4. Dip-Tech
    4.5. Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
    4.6. Esmalglass. Itaca Group
    4.7. Ferro Corporation
    4.8. Fritta S.L.
    4.9. Limak
    4.10. Six Star Ceramic Colours Co., Ltd.
    4.11. Torrecid
    4.12. Unico Digital SA
    4.13. Vaanix Industries Pvt Ltd.
    4.14. Xennia Technology
    4.15. Zschimmer & Schwarz Group

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