Design (e-learning / Online / Distance / Flexible) – Training and Course Overview

Design (e-learning Online Distance Flexible) - Training and Course Overview

Design, creativity, and innovative thinking are essential sought-after skills needed in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. The design major course introduces the students to the basic principles and practice of design and design thinking ranging from creativity, insight development, user research, hands-on design for services and experiences, to learning different techniques in application of design in effective management environments. Through this course, students will expand their design awareness and capability and spur creativity and innovation in their future businesses.

Whether developing a ground-breaking project or a pioneering product, the design course will be invaluable to recognize the value of design and bring entirely new business ideas to emerging company jobs.

Course Objective

The primary objective of the design course is to develop design and entrepreneurial skills in students through the integrated advanced study of product design, business and marketing. Students can then enhance their potential to become professional design consultants, managers, or product designers.


To enroll or qualify for the design course, students will need to have a honors degree (at least 180 higher education credits) or equivalent in a relevant discipline. Students with prior relevant experience can also apply for this course. Moreover, international students or non-English speaking students will require providing the English proficiency test, for instance, IELTS or TOEFL which should be equivalent to the level of English 6.

Course Duration

The total duration of the design program is two years.

Course Syllabus

The course is designed for those individuals who wish to work within the creative industries. Therefore, the course mindfully provides syllabus on how design relates to other business functions such as marketing, finance and production and how organizational structure, culture and strategy can encourage design, especially in the new business product development process.

Moreover, by the end of the course, the final year major project will offer students the opportunity to select their special topic based on their personal interest or career aspirations.


Career Prospects

Upon completion of the design course, graduates will be well positioned for a variety of potential careers. Some job opportunities could lead into development processes of innovation, social change, and future challenges. Roles can be pursued in the industry areas of new developments and projects, usability evaluation, test engineer, web development, website management, support or management of web-based systems. Students also have the opportunity to become brand executive, marketing executive, market researcher, experience design executive, strategic design executive, experience design executive, or innovative executive.