Painted/Hand-Drawn Effects – Training and Course Overview

Painted/Hand-Drawn Effects - Training and Course Overview

Creating motion streaks to After Effects animation, giving it a hand drawn look chips in a richer feel to an entire animation project!


Adopting the traditional drawing method is certainly harder than working the usual digital way. Since, painted/hand-drawn effects lay out the basic foundation for screen design; it is significant for one to learn the traditional type of hand-drawing and painting methods before starting with any digital drawing projects.

Hand drawing is the most fundamental techniques used in animation. In the recent times, this course is referred to as “analog” animation, which is a technique being re-discovered by several artists for its amazingly expressive and personal qualities.

Painted/Hand-Drawn Effects course is traced frame-by-frame and carried with paper and pencil on a light box or animation table. This type of technique is commonly used for most animated feature films and cartoons even before computer-based workflows became commonplace. Today, digital hand-drawn animation is done on computers using a tablet and stylus.  Although digital hand-drawn animation will never look the same as real analog animation, however, it’s possible to design and achieve something very close to the drawing by using the new tools in After Effects and Photoshop.

Educational Prerequisites

Applicants need a high school diploma to enroll for a bachelor’s degree program in painted/hand-drawn effects or animation effects. Some institutes offering this animation program may also require applicants to submit a portfolio of their work in the animation field, such as character animation, computer animation or interactive animation.

Career paths after Graduation

Throughout the course, students learn the abilities to express the personalities and emotions of characters through motion, and also learn to shape ideas and themes that leave them with careers in animation for film, television, video or computer industries. Individuals may also find designations as:

  • Illustrators
  • Game artist
  • Character animators
  • Multimedia artists
  • Production designers

Under the tutelage of leading professionals who have contributed to the world of animation, students head out into the world as creators of consummate entertainment furnished with sheer sense of drawing and techniques in computer graphics and sound.