Varsity Jackets and Denim Jackets: The Trending Vogue in UNILAG

Varsity Jackets and Denim Jackets The Trending Vogue in UNILAG

I remember a few years back where almost everyone in UNILAG wore high top shoes, waistcoat jackets, toms shoes, fedora hats and many more clown looking outfits (let’s be honest they were weird and clown looking), but to us it was fashion and all the fashionista’s rocked those outfits with swag. As you know, UNILAG students set the fashion trend for other varsities and the Nigerian youth. So just because UNILAG students’ wore it and considered it cool, everyone else had to follow the trend and wear it too.

Recently there’s been a new and more mature fashion trend in vogue, the Denim jacket and also the Varsity jacket. Both of them came into the limelight early last year, when Drake-the rapper-and other American pop artistes started wearing Varsity Jackets in their music videos and thus UNILAG boys also decided they too could rock it and look way cooler in it and apparently they did. They even started customizing their names and logos on the varsity jackets and added splashes of their own design to it in order to make it look more suave than it already did and to cut the long story short, everyone caught the Varsity jacket fever. Mostly it’s the male population who wear it because it’s kinda masculine; a few fashionable females rock it too adding their various feminine touches. The downside of the varsity jacket is that it was made for cold weathers so when people wear it in the scorching sun they tend to look stupid thus causing a fashion blunder.

When wearing varsity jackets there are some Do’s and Dont’s; for starters, if you’re a guy NEVER wear shorts or three quarters with varsity jackets. You might think you look cool and dashing but trust me that’s a major fashion blunder, also when wearing a varsity jacket, try and wear something inside like a round neck top or a collared shirt. In my own opinion, collared shirts go better with varsity jackets; please on no account should you wear a V-neck shirt with a varsity jacket, that’s just downright distasteful. The shoes that best go with varsity jackets are timberlands, high tops and designer sneakers…No, corporate shoes and loafers don’t go with it so don’t bother. Apparently the varsity jacket trendy and denim jeans jacket are the current rave of the moment but not just anyone can gracefully pull it off.

Ah! yes, the famous Denim Jeans jacket, my personal favorite. To me that’s the best thing that ever happened to the fashion world and the funniest part is that it’s not new. It’s quite old but as we all know; fashion is like the weather, it comes and goes.  In the past, when people wore denim jackets they were bigger and had this baggy parachute look thus giving them a lumberjack visage, but things have changed and now the denim jackets come in different shades of blue, shapes and sizes. There’s even the armless denim vest with Ankara clothes embedded on them. Before Nigerian celebrities started wearing the denim jackets UNILAG boys in Faculty of Arts and also Social Sciences’ girls had already started rocking it. Most of them wore the short armless denim jackets and the beauty of it was the Ankara material they added to it with various designs. Majority of akokites prefer the armless denim jacket whereas a few choose to wear the full armed long-sleeved one. The long ones are plain and when worn gives one a mature and sophisticated look and no extra designs are needed to add to its beauty. It can be worn buttoned up or the sleeves could fly, also one can decide to fold the arms and it would still look classy. There’s no going wrong with the long sleeved one, but since it’s jeans, it is advised not to wear a blue jean trouser with it. It’s preferred if you wear a dark or dull colored trouser like black, grey, dark brown or even dull cream because blue on blue looks downright weird. A guy should not be caught in a light colored denim jacket because that just screams ‘I am Queer’, It’s feminine.

If you don’t have yourself a pair of denim jeans or a varsity jacket then there is a problem somewhere and the only solution is you get yourself a pair asap. It’s not about following the random train but it’s all about looking good, sassy and classy while having a responsible aura. Most people who don’t have one say it’s because it’s so common that’s why they refuse to get one but that’s all façade, denim and varsity jackets are timeless, if you want to say something is common talk about the Burna boy shades that everyone places on their face, that’s the epitome of common. Do yourself a favour and get a pair of denim jackets, you can forego the varsity jacket because it has this youth vibe in it, but the denim jacket can be worn by anyone of any age plus it’s an ever green fashion and with all indications, it’s here to stay.

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