Finding What To Wear

Finding What To Wear
Job interviews are tricky to dress for because what you wear can vary greatly depending on the company and the position. It’s easy to come in underdressed and look unprofessional, or to come in overdressed and look like you’re trying too hard.

What to wear: If you’re interviewing for a prestigious corporate law firm, or for a position in the financial sector, there’s no question that you should dress conservatively: dark suits and tasteful tie and shirt combinations. Over-the-top patterns are frowned upon, but a pin-stripe suit is both classy and sophisticated.
But what if it’s a young, hip company like
If, however, you’re interviewing for a job with a new age IT firm, the suit and tie method may not be the best idea. Many of these companies, especially the up coming ones, have little to no dress code. For that kind of setting, a pair of trousers with a button-down shirt may be all that you need. Tucked in or not will depend largely on the corporate culture of the firm. Try to get some inside information from friends or acquaintances in the industry before your interview.
When in doubt, overdress. It is much easier to dress down while you’re in the waiting room — by removing your suit jacket, for example — than to kick it up a notch if you’re too casual. Make sure that you feel at ease in whatever you wear, as this will help you to remain relaxed, cool and confident.
Regardless of what job you’re being interviewed for, it’s important that you remain well-groomed. No employee will hire a slob. Clean-shaven or neatly trimmed facial hair is essential. If you choose to wear cologne, remember that, in most interview setting no one cares what u colone is, try to wear either a blue or white top, a nice tie- well I suppose that normal ties give more of a smartlook than bow ties. Bow ties majorly state class. You’ll be needing a nice pair of leather shoes too.
Once you’ve got the job, add your new suit to the “one time only” section in the back of your closet.

For the ladies; To give a classic suit jacket or blazer an update, Stephenson says to add a great skinny belt to cinch in your waste. If you don’t have one, velvet ribbon will work just as well. “It costs nothing, and bows are really big this season.

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