How to Learn AutoCAD Raster – Training and Course Overview

AutoCAD Raster  - Training and Course Overview

A training course in AutoCAD Raster Design is suited for students that wish to make use of the software AutoCAD Raster Design to insert, import, create, manage, and edit raster images in various AutoCAD products. These highly specialized training courses are suitable for professionals already working as civil engineers and surveyors, and wish to further enhance their skill set. Enrolling for a course the focuses on AutoCAD Raster will help students learn the functions and techniques of the design software AutoCAD Raster.

Course Types

Most training institutes offer short courses that can be taken alongside your job. The option of online courses is available, wherein students can download the course and study at home, in the office, or anywhere else. Students are awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Skills Gained

Enrolling for a training course in AutoCAD Raster Design teaches you the intricacies of creating and inserting images, working with multispectral images, exporting, saving and tiling images, image editing, converting raster to vector, and working with DEM data.

Eligibility for Admission

Given that short courses in AutoCAD Raster Design are designed for professionals, training institutes ask that applications possess a basic understanding of civil engineering and surveying terminology and have current experience of working with AutoCAD.

Career Prospects

With a short training course in AutoCAD Raster Design, civil engineers and surveyors can meet their local continuing education requirements in the surveying and civil engineering field. This training course can help you gain insights about ancillary areas of work in your profession