How to Learn Civil 3D For Surveyors – Training and Course Overview

Civil 3D For Surveyors - Training and Course Overview


A training course in AutoCAD Civil 3D is designed especially for surveyors and survey technicians. Often, specific functionalities that are taught as part of the AutoCAD Civil 3D course may not be relevant to survey technicians and surveyors. Surveyors can gain knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D features more relevant to their field of work. Such courses are offered over short durations and can be pursued alongside a full-time job. By enrolling for a course specifically designed for them, surveyors and survey technicians can gain basic skills needed to work with AutoCAD® Civil 3D® during their typical workflow.

Course Types

The course may be delivered in a classroom or online. Training centers usually award a certificate of completion to candidates who have complied with the requirements of the course. The duration of such courses may vary from a day to five days.

Skills Gained

Surveyors and survey technicians undertaking this course can learn the basics of a standardized AutoCAD Civil 3D software environment. This course introduces surveyors to: edit and create surfaces, survey networks, create points and drafting, connecting to GIS data to study on-site conditions, importing points/coordinates, field data collection, and so forth. Survey technicians and surveyors can learn how to develop an Existing Condition Plan using automation tools.

Career Prospects

A short course in Civil 3D for Surveyors can be taken as part of your career progression objectives. It can help experienced survey technicians and surveyors to supplement their local requirements for continuing education in surveying and engineering.

Eligibility for Admission

Most courses require students to have prior experience of working with AutoCAD software. Basic knowledge of the Surveying profession is essential.