How to Learn AutoCAD Civil 3D – Training and Course Overview

AutoCAD Civil 3D - Training and Course Overview

The AutoCAD Civil 3D software is used extensively by survey engineers and technicians. This software has been designed to create logical relationships between objects, making it very intuitive and easy to work with. However, civil engineers need to keep abreast of the latest AutoCAD Civil 3D updates. A short training course in AutoCAD Civil 3D is recommended if you are looking to use the capabilities of this software to the fullest.

There are a number of training institutes that offer interactive 2-day courses to help both students and professionals update their AutoCAD Civil 3D grading skills. Even if you are a manager looking to gain a basic understanding or overview of how to create grading plans using this software, enrolling for a short training course is recommended.

Course types

Most courses that train you in grading using AutoCAD Civil 3D range between two days to two weeks. These short courses feature an intensive training structure and are based on the premise that most students enrolling for such a course are already familiar with the basics of AutoCAD Civil 3D. These certificate courses are conducted by private training institutes or the civil engineering department of various universities.

Skills gained

On the successful completion of this course, students can demonstrate the ability to use grading tools and feature lines to create the design for commercial sites. Such a course will also familiarize you with vital elements of a commercial site such as: a building pad, internal roads, simple sewage lagoon, a parking lot(s), and a water body.

Training courses typically take you through the step-by-step process beginning with a setting up of a project prototype and subsequently creating construction plan sheets.

A few training courses also give students a brief overview of residential site grading using AutoCAD 3D. You may be required to complete a short project or assignment towards the end of the course to demonstrate the skills gained.

At the end of the course, you should be able to: create a template and prototype project, import data from the field, create a roadway and lot design layout, prepare plans for storm drainage and sewer drainage, create pipe outlines, and so on.


Creating grading plans using AutoCAD Civil 3D is a specialized skill, which requires the student to have a firm rooting in civil surveying techniques and terminology. This makes this course suitable for professionals already working in this sector, or students who are familiar with the basics of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Career prospects

A short training course in AutoCAD Civil 3D grading will help you achieve your career progression goals. Experienced civil surveyors and engineers can undertake this course to meet their local continuing education requirements.