Make Up Myths You Should Totally Break


Make Up Myths You Should Totally Break

1. Never Wear Eyeliner or Mascara on Bottom Lashes; It was believed that dark eyeliner or mascara applied on the bottom lash line can age the face. This is absolutely a myth! When they are properly applied without being clumpy or smeared across the lashes and in the right color then its fine. Invest in quality mascara with a fine brush that will let you precisely shade each lash and if the pencil liner is too sharp, powder eyeliner will do just fine.

2. Never Focus on both Eyes and Lips; There is the conservative advice that smoky eyes should always be paired with nude lips and a pair of statement lipstick e.g. the Red Lip with an equally understated eye makeup. Unless your “smokey eye” is well exaggerated, there is no reason you can’t have both. But if your smokey eyes are “smoking” then by all means, play down the lip or go completely nude.There is nothing wrong with using a dark eyeliner and red lips for a night out.

3. Always Match Your Lipstick to Your Nail Polish; Make up colors should be complimentary not matchy. Matchy makeup is so out and over. By all means coordinate your make up, but matching your nail polish to your lipstick? Oh common! Everyone is over that.


4. Never Let Your Roots Show; This is so 1960! First, no hair is the exact color from root to end, secondly two-tone (or more) hairstyles have been in trend and seem to be here to stay. Even if you apply hair color, there are areas near the scalp that reveals your natural hair color and touching up every other time there is a regrowth will be absolutely nerve racking.

5. Your Eyebrows Should Always Be Perfectly Arched; Fuller eyebrows have replaced the thin eyebrows of years ago, while they should be kept groomed, eyebrows shouldn’t necessary be all slim and prim. By all means clean up stray hairs but the almighty perfect arch could be given a rest. Thick, well groomed eye brows are beautiful and have been on the runways for years and counting.

6. Never Tweeze Above Your Eyebrows; We agree the bulk of stray hairs grow from below the eyebrows but there is no reason not to clean up straying ones above as well. Be careful not to over pluck so it will not come out unnatural.

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